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At Uncle Jake's we are dedicated to passing on the art of fly tying and fly
fishing; classes are 2 hour sessions  We do our very best to make this an
enjoyable and affordable opportunity for all.

Fly tying for beginners
This four session class is intended for tiers who are just starting out or have
limited experience and wish to improve their skills.  We will discuss tools and
supplies, knots and techniques. In this class you will tie attractor flies,
streamer flies, steelhead flies, dry flies, nymphs, deer hair bugs, and foam flies.

A normal evening includes hands on tying two to three flies
(time permitting)
with an emphasis on mechanics. Materials pertaining to that type of fly are
also discussed. We provide the materials in class; kits for the flies tied will be

Intermediate Fly Tying
This class expands on what we learned in Beginner Fly Tying.  We take the
time to experiment with different techniques such as loop dubbing, and hair
stacking as we explore more challenging aspects of nymphs, dries, attractors
and bass and pike flies.

Rod Building – Building your own fishing rods
This is a three session course that covers all of the basics theory and
processes for constructing your own fishing rods. With plenty of hands on
assistance we will help you to glue handles and seats and space, wrap and
varnish the guides.  We will also provide you with directions for building your
own rod wrapper and clamps to help make you projects affordable.

Fly Fishing for Beginners
I have fly fished for over forty years and am pretty good at it.  But I have
always fished for fun and for the opportunity to be outside.  I don’t consider
myself an expert caster and I don’t always stay on top of the newest fishing
trends, nor do I aspire to own the most expensive gear. In other words… we
are exactly who you need to see if you are thinking about getting started in fly
fishing and are wondering if it is difficult or expensive.

Much in the same way we keep our fishing simple and fun, we aim to show
you that fly fishing need not be complicated nor expensive. We will teach you
all of the basics  - how to choose and set up equipment, explaining various fly
types and helping you get started with casting.

We fish Michigan steelhead and salmon, love traditional trout fishing and
enjoy an abundance of warm water species here nearby….  All on fly rods.

Is learning to fly fish on your “bucket list”?  Here is your opportunity to get

Sessions are scheduled in advance of spring fishing seasons.
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