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The Creative Woodworking of Don Jaffke
Don's forte is woodworking.  He has been working with wood as a hobby making toys and rocking horses for
his children and grandchildren for many years.  After he retired, he started scroll sawing, cutting out crosses
and pictures from hardwoods.

Having received many wood working books as gifts Don was encouraged to try Intarsia. Intarsia is scroll
sawing an object out of several different kinds and colors of wood and then shaping them into a 3D lifelike
picture.  There are no two alike.   He attended an "Intarsia Experience" workshop in Tennessee in 2005 and  
the advanced workshop in 2007.  Contact Don for a free catalog and purchase information.
Bass 15" diameter    
Large Mouth Bass 12x12"  
Doe with Fawn 17x16"  
White Tail Deer 17x20"  
Elk 16x22"  
Trout Switch plates
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