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Nick is primarily a self taught painter. He builds on his own work from one painting to the next, and has
developed his own technique and style with hand and brush through years of studying and truly seeing the
subjects he portrays. Nick expresses himself by painting what he sees in the world around him.

Nick says: "Due to the pervasive nature of technology in our lives, many of us don’t take time to appreciate
the many moments and images which surround us daily. I am recording those images in my paintings."

"Paintings have two lives. One in which I am the creator expressing my personal feelings during the process of
painting a piece. This life ends when I have completed the piece. The second and more important life of a
painting pertains to how the viewer is affected by the piece."  

Click on the thumbnails to enter gallerys.  Contact Nick for information on custom pieces.
Rainbow Trout (oil on canvas)
  Brown Trout (oil on canvas)
On the Stream (oil on canvas)
  Winter Fishing (oil on canvas)
Salmon (acrylic on board)
  Bass (acrylic on board)
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