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SPRING'S WIGGLER...                                                                             

The fly many people call the 'Spring' Wiggler is actually Spring's Wiggler named after its creator.  For now
Mr Spring's first name escapes me but trust me on this one.  Being around as long as I have you just pick
up on these things. Be content with the fact that you can fish this fly all four seasons of the year and not
just in the spring. And besides... my "senior senility moment" gives one of you fine students an
opportunity to Google Mr Spring and to write what you find out on
the forum.  Then you can sound smart
like us.

Many people would agree that this is one of Michigan's hottest steelhead flies. In actuality... this fly
started out as a trout pattern.  It still is a great all species fly and one that is relatively easy to tie.

Keep in mind that the one challenge here is tying the squirrel tail off tightly enough.  Squirrel is a solid,
"slippery" hair and requires you to do your best to tie off tightly.
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